Our Mission:

To help ensure digital history is not lost and to
connect life stories with future generations.
David and Ben, one has spent over 34 years devising a system to help retain a person’s history, the latter is an amazing freelance, full stack developer who’s bringing the ideas to life.
Descendantry is a future focused, preventative company, aiming to hold on to what is important. We're here to connect the dots of digital history, across multiple platforms.
Now and forever? We're creating a self-sustainable system, designed to last as long as humanly possible. Our objective is to help people to create a rich history that will last long into the future.
We offer our service globally and although limited to English support, we strive to provide a system that is available to all, one that is not limited by any language.
Things transpire in life, even with the best of intentions, memories fade and stories are lost. We wanted a system that prevents the loss of history whilst helping to benefit future generations.
Through strategic business development, and partnerships, we are creating a platform that is feature rich, free to use, has end-to-end encryption supported by a global disaster recovery system.